If Nobody In Italy Wants To Make Pizza, We Wonder If This Will Force A 30 Days Or It’s Free Policy…

CNBC reports that despite having the worst unemployment record in two decades, Italy has a shortage of 6,000 pizza-makers, that it is having trouble filling!

3 Pizza-Related Shortages We Do Not Want To See!

1. A shortage of items to stuff Pizza Hut crusts with. Cheese! Hot Dogs! More pizzas like a Russian Matryoshka doll! We just hope the madness never ends!

2. A shortage of Dr. Oetker products. Dr. Oetker provides frozen pizzas in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom and luxury hotels elsewhere. We don’t know whether the Doc had a Ph.D or medical license, or even why being a doctor is necessary for frozen pizza products, but if you test us with a shortage, we will ask to see your license, Doctor!

3. A shortage of junk mail related to discounts on delivery pizza! This is a waste of paper that could be used to stuff the crusts of cheap pizzas!

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3 replies

  1. I’ll have a large peperoni discount-coupon stuffed crust take out, please.



  2. It will be arriving at your virtual door just like our responses this week – 8 days or free!


  3. Are the people who took Garth Turner’s adicve the ultimate Greater Fools? This comment on his blog came from someone in Calgary as a renter the houses are already more expensive then this time next year, so now I’m up to 1700 from 1500 a month, still at mega risk of them selling it out from under me and nothing has changed. Its just going to keep getting higher and higher, what is stopping it now? I heard we were going to run out of house virgins and speckers by now, but it just keeps going and going. These 2.99 interest is still around, how long are we sitting around, at landlords mercy, oh I have to move AGAIN, can’t buy a house, it’ll correct, maybe it’ll be a taxpayer controlled soft landing in like 5yrs, it should burst, yet nobody does anything, the banks aren’t making it happen, what the hell, harper Gov moron crap! I’m so sick of all this!Are we the greaterfools? spec’ng is bad, but this has gone on so long, and keeps going, I’m so sick of moving, so frustrating. And this Here’s more proof ,those that followed you like me , lost and continue to los, Rent has sucked for the last 4years not to mention prices have not corrected but gone higher..


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