More American Registered Voters Believe Moon Landing Was A Hoax Than Are Members Of The NRA

We wrote yesterday about a recent Public Policy Polling survey of registered American voters that had all kinds of interesting findings. For example, 7% of American registered voters believe that the moon landing was a hoax, and an additional 9% are unsure whether it was a hoax. Note to 9% of survey takers: stop phoning the year 1869 for your surveys!

Which means, according to the random page we found on Google, both of those groups are greater than the NRA’s approximate 2% membership of registered voters.

3 Policies We’d Expect Moon-Landing-Conspiracy-Theorists To Argue For On Cable News If They Had As Much Interview Time As The NRA

1. Ban R.E.M.’s song “Man On The Moon” from all radio stations, because the conspiracy theorists have a First Amendment right to say there was never a Man on the Moon that obviously exceeds R.E.M.’s First Amendment right to write lyrics which do not explicitly confirm there was no man on the moon, despite a title suggesting the issue might have been resolved in the song.

2. Require that the scientists on Mythbusters who claim moon-landing conspiracy theories are untrue to broadcast their findings on a show from the moon, since they seem to think it’s so possible to just go to the moon!

3. That during a card game of Hearts, shooting the moon is impossible, since it’s impossible to get to the moon, never mind shoot it, as an NRA representative on a cable news panel might suggest when talking over a moon-landing conspiracy theorist.

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  1. I must live in a rare family. My mother believes the moon landing was a hoax. My step-father is a member of the NRA (and a registered voter) and I, as I’ve indicated believe, nay, know society is manipulated by shape-shifting Reptilians.

    Oh well, as they say on Sesame Street – “We’re not different. We’re special.”



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