Walmart Delivers A Delivery Idea Full Of Potential Comedy!

Reuters reports that Walmart is considering a plan where its customers will deliver goods to online shoppers in return for some sort of discount.

So maybe on some future Easter weekend, you can have someone featured on People of Walmart entertain your kids far more than any Easter Bunny delivering chocolate eggs.

3 More People A Discount Chain Could Consider Having Deliver Stuff To Your Home

1. Chinese factory workers. They probably manufactured whatever you’re buying, so why not see if they will ship electronics and everything else you buy directly to your door, while they get a “free” vacation? Oh, we forgot to mention they will be staying at your place for three months.

2. Walmart greeters. Imagine opening your front door to the words “Welcome To Walmart.”

“This isn’t Walmart, it’s my home!”

“Not any more,” will say the greeter, who will greet your neighbors as they enter an impromptu garage sale.

3. Walmart smiley faces. If you see one of these at your door, perhaps you didn’t order groceries and new outerwear, but rather more illicit drugs from your dealer.

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