FAA May Allow iPads On Plane Takeoffs, So Now You May Be Able To Buy A Digital Knife In Farmville In Flight, To Accompany The Real Knife You May Be Allowed To Bring On The Plane

The New York Times reports that the Federal Aviation Authority is considering allowing the use of iPads and Kindles during takeoff and landing of commercial flights.

From the article:

“the F.A.A. permits passengers to use electric razors and audio recorders during all phases of flight, even though those give off more electronic emissions than reading tablets.”

Really? There are people shaving on commercial flights?

3 Phases Of A Commercial Aircraft Flight We Do Not Want To See People Shaving.

1. The fifth hour of a red-eye flight when we want to get some sleep!

2. During takeoff. “Takeoff” does not mean take off that beard you’ve spent the past five years growing, as a mountain of hair falls on our laps.

3. While making the worst audio-recording ever: “The sweet sounds of an airplane landing while I shave my crying baby’s head.”

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