Self Made 17-Year-Old British Entrepreneur Unlikely To Ask Your Daughter To The Prom

Bloomberg reports that Yahoo has paid about $30 million to acquire a company founded by a currently-17-year-old Brit.

In an interview, Nick D’Aloisio, the 17-year-old founder of mobile application Summly, indicated perseverance is an important attribute to be successful. So for those of you 15 year-olds who are about to give up on your businesses which have received funding from wealthy Hong Kong investors and Yoko Ono, do not give up hope! There’s still a chance to be tremendously successful before you’re old enough to drink and buy whatever brewery you want for your 21st birthday!

3 Excuses For Not Being A British Millionaire By Age 17

1. Your parents had you by accident. The kind of accident that happens to people after a night of fish n’ chips at a pub, with a name like the “Fish & Friar,” rather than names like “Buckingham Palace,” “Burberry headquarters,” or “First Round’s On Us, Because We Can’t Believe We Actually Sold American TV Stations Years Of Coronation Street Episodes For Real Money!”

2. You only count your money in pounds, and £660,000 may be good enough to have a million dollars, but you don’t deal in U.S. dollars. Who knows where they’ve been? Oh right, the people at who actually spend their days entering serial numbers of bills into a data base and then sign up for email to tell them where the next person who has nothing to do but enter dollar bill serial numbers into a computer received that very same dollar!

3. Didn’t come up with idea for application that finds your iPhone every time you set it to silent, and phone yourself from a land-line to find it, completely forgetting it’s in your pocket.

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