Horses May Wish Taco Bell Didn’t Run For The British Border

Fox News reports that horse DNA has been found in ground beef at Taco Bell in Britain.

3 Worse Things You Could Find In A Fast Food Taco

1. IKEA instructions of how to assemble a taco. In addition to involving numerous pages and needless Allen keys, IKEA hasn’t exactly been assembling its Swedish meatballs free of horse DNA, according to the article, which states that horse DNA was found in IKEA’s beef source in the Czech Republic.

2. Dinosaur DNA. If we learned one thing from Jurassic Park, it’s that messing with dinosaur DNA is never a good idea.

3. A signed confession from a bull about using horse DNA as a performance-enhancing drug to win a bull-riding event at last year’s Calgary Stampede.

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  1. Or 4) a chihuahua DNA. Yo still quero Taco Bell?



  1. IKEA Not Recalling Horse Meat This Time! | NotTheWorstNews

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