Company sells toilet paper with ads on it! Part 2 of a two part story.

Yesterday we wrote about a report from CNBC that a Michigan company is selling toilet paper with advertising on it. The report indicated:

“Star Toilet Paper then offers its ad-filled TP for free to venues including libraries, restaurants, bars and bowling alleys.”

First off, hats off for targeting libraries! That will save public libraries money, and most people in libraries are literate. Yes, even the people putting their name on the reserve list for the 50 Shades series.

3 Worse Venues To Put Advertising On Toilet Paper

1. Your home. Free toilet paper may sound like a good way to save money until you learn your wife is having an affair with the divorce lawyer, who she met after seeing his ad on the cheap toilet paper, after wanting to file for divorce because you filled the house with toilet paper with advertising on it before a dinner party.

2. Farmville. If you’re going to pay real money to buy virtual toilet paper for your virtual barn managers, you’re already corporate America’s ideal consumer, so beware of virtual toilet paper advertising even worse deals than paying money to buy nothing!

3. Prison. First,any item advertised is likely to be obsolete before the prisoner finishes doing time, and second you may not want to advertise your cash-for-jewellry operation to the I-just-robbed-a-cash-for-jewellry-store demographic.

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