Head Of British State Recovers From Stomach Flu… Right When We Accept A Challenge To Avoid Certain Letters Of The Alphabet.

WordPress’ Daily Prompt challenged bloggers today to write an entry without using a letter of the alphabet.

“Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!”

Let’s see… merely to tell you that we’re accepting this challenge, we’ve used the letters a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y. In other words, “Make it a vowel, but you can’t tell anyone the rules.”

That’s okay, we’ll write this entire entry without using the first letter of a popular submarine sandwich chain, and the last letter of a popular alphabet, which is also a letter in the name of the submarine sandwich chain.

And since we’ve been writing so much about fast food restaurants lately, we also won’t use the first letter of a hamburger chain that currently has a burger called the “Hot Mess” on its web page, which features a kind of pepper, that we are also not allowed to use because it starts with the same letter as the chain.

Now, that you 100% know what three letters we’re avoiding, here’s the latest news!

The LA Times reports that the Head Of State For The United Kingdom, whom we cannot name, because her name contains two of the forbidden letters, recovered from a stomach flu, and left a British hospital today.

3 Ways A British Monarch Could Pass The Time While Recovering From The Flu

1. Playing “Words With Friends.” But not the fun kind with the ten-point letters, that we coincidentally are not allowed to use in this blog entry!

2. Buying tickets online to this summer’s “Legends Of The Summer” tour, featuring two headliners: a rap star and a pop star/movie star, whom we can’t mention here. And even if we could recite lyrics of the rap star, we might have to censor his words using symbols like *. Coincidentally, the asterisk was part of the pop/movie star’s former band’s name!

3. Playing solitaire with special cards with all family members on the face cards. But not playing poker with family members, because it will get really confusing when everybody’s face is on the cards and the money.

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