We’re Not Saying He’s A Vampire, But Prince Looks Identical To 1980s Prince At Grammy Awards

Prince presented an award for best record at tonight’s Grammy Awards, looking an awful lot like 1980s Prince.

3 Celebrities We Are Glad Are Not Vampires

1. Robert Pattinson (An actor who’s not that great an actor acting like they are a vampire when they really are a vampire makes them even a less great actor. Think about it!)

2. E.L. James (We don’t like it when fictional people are vampires. Especially ones who write fan fiction based on a vampire series that manages to be worse-written than the not-so-well-written vampire series the non-existent person is copying.)

3. The Quirky Lady From The Progressive Insurance Commercials. (Now where are we going to buy vampire insurance?)

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2 replies

  1. This is a good one. You can get a lot of mileage out of vampire posts. Almost as much as cats. Hey, there’s an idea. A vampire cat.


  2. It should be easy to tell if Prince is a vampire: did he sparkle?


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