Hey Oprah, You’re Not The Only One Who Can Plug A Competing Device While Recently Using An Apple Device! Just Ask New Blackberry Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys!

Gizmodo reports that Alicia Keys has been appointed the new Global Creative Director at Blackberry.

And it appears she was demonstrating her creativity just days ago by reminding us of Oprah’s Microsoft Surface endorsement from an iPad, by tweeting from an iPhone rather than a Blackberry device.

Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry, also announced that the company has changed it’s name to “Blackberry” and introduced two new phones, one with a keyboard, and one without.

3 Names We Would Have Rather Seen The Company Call Itself Than “Blackberry.”

1. “Crashberry.” Describes prior experience with using various Blackberry devices, and also the company’s stock price since its all-time highs.

2. “Frankenberry.” This would at least remind us of something fun: a strawberry-flavored, Frankenstein-themed, marshmallow-filled breakfast cereal!

3. “No One.” Based on the Alicia Keys hit song, this name also refers to the number of Blackberry spokespeople named Alicia Keys who have recently tweeted using a Blackberry instead of a computer or their iPhone.

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  1. They should only endorse the product they use. Apple now has gain free media because those two blunders.



  1. Taiwanese Actor Credibility In Question After Social Network Post Slamming Apple. Post This At 1:30 P.M. Eastern Time On St. Patrick’s Day. Do Not Post The Part About Posting This Or This Sentence. | NotTheWorstNews

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