Rapper Who Rapped About Not Voting For The President Suddenly Disappears Like A Ghost From Inauguration Party Stage

USA Today reports in this video that rapper Lupe Fiasco was escorted off the stage at a Presidential inaugural party during a performance that included lyrics mentioning that he did not vote for President Obama.

3 Worse Potential Invitees To Perform At President Obama’s Inauguration Party

1. Lupe No-Fiasco. Now that Fred Armisen has more time for other skits, after being replaced as a Barack Obama impersonator on SNL, we hope he creates a new character called “Lupe No-Fiasco”, that gets into no trouble and does nothing interesting, because this would be an improvement over most Fred Armisen characters.

2. Donald Trump. As far as we know, Donald Trump’s musical experience is limited to appearing in the Ghostbusters II Theme Song Video. Yeah, that’s right, not even the good Ghostbusters theme video. We assume that the ghosts from the movie were also all of his private investigators who found ghost evidence about some ghost conspiracy related to Obama’s birth certificate.

2. The Invisible Man Sleeping In The Girl’s Bed in The Original Ghostbusters Video. As far as we can tell, his only talent is making blankets disappear from scantily-clad 80s music-video girls. As it was so cold in Washington, D.C. today that an entire CNN panel of four people appeared on camera sharing a blanket, this may also make said invisible man unpopular at inauguration parties as he removes blankets and sweeps aside Michelle Obama’s apparently newsworthy bangs.

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