3 “People” Mitt Romney Inadvertently May Have Offended By His Latest Comments About Not Worrying About People Who Don’t Pay Taxes

As you may have heard by now, Mitt Romney has indicated it’s not his job to “worry” about people who don’t pay taxes in a speech shot on a hidden camera. Could it be worse? Yes, because he may have implied he doesn’t care about these three groups of people!

1. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. is a private equity firm and venture capital firm, which kind of sounds like a competitor of Bain Capital. And we all know that since Mitt Romney says corporations are people, we will wager he’d argue KKR is a person. Which is interesting because they didn’t pay tax for fiscal years 2008-2010, according to MSN Money. Quick, Mitt, there’s still time to argue corporations are not people to get out of this conundrum, and as you’ve proven in the past you are good at arguing both sides of every argument!

2. The Blackstone Group. The Blackstone Group also has a private equity segment, and didn’t pay tax in 2008, according to MSN Money. Hmmm… seems like a trend here of private equity firms not paying taxes in 2008. Does that mean they are better off now, when they are paying taxes than four years ago? If they are profitable now and paying taxes, should you worry about them? This is all so confusing!

3. Babies. Babies don’t pay taxes and expect free food! But Mitt, you aren’t supposed to offend babies in your campaign, you’re supposed to kiss them! Didn’t you see the movie the Campaign?

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