Monkey Sporting Winter Coat And Diaper Found Hanging Out At IKEA Store

The National Post reports that much like MacAulay Culkin being left home alone years ago, a monkey in a diaper and a sheepskin coat was left in a Toronto home furnishings store – alone!

3 Worse Things A Monkey Could Be Caught Wearing At IKEA

1. A Wal-mart greeter blue vest! Nothing is worse than when a monkey greets you promising Wal-mart savings, but actually delivers a maze-like store that will lead you in circles for hours.

2. The last set of IKEA assembly instructions for the bookshelf you just bought to make yourself look smart, even though you don’t really read. We’ll see how smart you look when your next date visits your apartment, and sees your parallelogram-shaped bookshelf, co-assembled with a monkey.

3. A $14.99 Julmys Cardboard Christmas Tree, complete with sticker ornaments, currently available at IKEA. According to IKEA it’s “a perfect Christmas tree if you don’t want to clean up fallen needles or if you live in a small space.” Yes, we totally agree, that it’s perfect if you live in a small space like a monkey cage or zoo! No wonder a monkey may want to wear it.

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