Woman Apparently Is Prepared To Get Tattoo Of Monkey Found Hanging Out At IKEA

Earlier this week we wrote about a well-clad real monkey found milling about a Toronto IKEA store.

According to the Huffington Post, a woman posted a photo of herself with a stencil of the IKEA monkey on her body, which could be the blueprint of a future tattoo of the IKEA monkey.

3 Other Potential Tattoos We Would Not Like To See 

1. A diagram of instruction #26 of any IKEA product assembly guide. If it takes more than 20 steps to assemble a half-paper, half-wooden television stand to watch our favorite Anne Hathaway movies on, we don’t want to be reminded of it permanently.

2. A tattoo of underwear to prevent apparent celebrity wardrobe malfunctions for those days celebs forget to wear underwear. (Especially applies to Anne Hathaway after she may have accidentally forgotten to wear underwear at Les Mis premiere earlier this week.) Anyway, we doubt such a tattoo would fool the cameras, although a tattoo that says “CENSORED” may make mainstream photo editors’ jobs easier for such situations.

3. A leg tattoo saying “remember to wear underwear, especially when wearing a dress and getting out of a limousine, in front of flashing cameras that are at higher elevation than the limousine seats.” Tattoo reminders are only valuable if you are looking at the tattoo at the time you are likely to forget to put on underwear. Otherwise, they are very embarrassing if the press gets a photo of the reminder tattoo while you are also not wearing any underwear.

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