CNN Opinion Author Says Don’t Name Your Kid “Siri,” Apparently Unaware It Is A Real Scandinavian Name

In a “Special To CNN,” Dean Obeidallah wrote a piece entitled “Don’t Name Your Kid Siri.”

The article provided a link to Baby’s “Hottest Baby Name Trends of 2012.” According to that article:

“And parents like the sound of Siri, Apple’s voice-enabled personal assistant: The name climbed 5 percent on the list of girls’ names.”

But it seems authors from these web sites may not read the information in the hyperlinks in their own articles.

For example, taking five seconds to click on the Baby link to “Siri” would reveal the name is of Scandinavian origin, means “Victorious Beauty” and peaked in popularity in 2009, over a year and a half before the announcement of the iPhone 4S, which was the first phone to have the Siri application.

3 Worse Things To Name Your Kid Than “Siri”

1. “Special To CNN.”  Do you really want your kid to be viewed as special to CNN? Many of CNN’s most special stories are about dishonest politicians, criminals and socialites from the Hilton and Kardashian families.

2. “Siri, What Is The Origin Of The Name Siri?” This has way too many words and punctuation marks to fit on a birth certificate! Although we wish the special-to-CNN author asked Siri this question before writing an article telling people what to name their children in a headline.

3. Whatever Someone On The Internet Said To Name Your Kids In A Headline. Have some originality, future parents! Today’s news themes will seem dated in 2029, when your son “Fiscal Cliff” tries to get a date to the prom!

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