Really? Are Some Of You Flushing Bottles Down Airplane Toilets?

The photo below makes it clear: Air Canada does not want you to flush large bottles down the plane’s toilet.

This of course raises the question of whether some people are accustomed to flushing bottles down toilets in their own homes, or if they just think airplane toilets are magic recycling bins.


3 Dumber Things To Flush Down An Airline Toilet

1. Your passport.

2. The pilot (wearing a parachute, you know, because you’re safety conscious)

3. The ownership and receipt for your own private jet. (That receipt would totally get major hits on Rich Kids Of Instagram)

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  1. Hands as well – don’t forget, flushing hands down airplane toilets is a decided no-no.


    • Haha! If this was some sort of flash-card memory test, we would of failed miserably, not noticing that giant, conspicuous hand in the middle of the warning! Thanks for the awesome reply!


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  2. Reblogged this on AirportsMadeSimple.


  3. thanks for the laugh, sad but try. i was taught, if you do it in public it is a reflection at home. lol



  1. Really? Are Some Of You Flushing Bottles Down Airplane Toilets? | Baby Boomers and More

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