Sweden Moving Dangerously Close To Becoming Town In Footloose With New Dancing Law

According to the Local, dance enthusiasts gathered in Stockholm, protesting a law that requires bars, clubs, restaurants, and even people throwing parties in the woods, to have a special license in order to allow their patrons to dance. From the article:

 “If owners lack this licence and their guests start spontaneously moving to music, they can be slapped with a fine.”

3 Worse Reasons To Slap A Club Owner With A Fine Than Patrons Spontaneously Moving To Music 

1. A fine for patrons spontaneously dancing badly to music. If New Jersey had such a law, the bar Karma would have been bankrupted after the first season of Jersey Shore! As for Sweden, you can judge from this music video by the Sounds, whether even Swedish guards enforcing the law might get a fine for bad dancing in Sweden.

This Swedish guard does not have a proper license to dance, but if he did, we are certain this scene would transform into Swedish group the Sounds’ “Dance With The Devil” music video.

2. A fine for patrons who drunkenly and spontaneously make out in public. From an enforcement point of view, this would be a terrible fine to try in court, as the two patrons probably won’t even remember the name of the person they were making out with, let alone the other details necessary for a conviction!

3. A fine for pick-up lines involving giving people jokingly giving fake fines.  The real fine would be given to anyone wearing a T-Shirt saying “FBI: Female Body Inspector” who would be handing out fake fines to women for “looking too fine.” And you’re welcome, male readers, for the free Halloween costume idea!

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