11% Of People Use “1234” As Their Bank Card Pin Number

According to DataGenetics.com, an analysis of 3.4 million bank card PIN numbers revealed that some numbers are more popular than others.

The five most popular:

  • 1234 – 10.7%
  • 1111 – 6.0%
  • 0000 – 1.9%
  • 1212 – 1.2%
  • 7777 – 0.7%

Beastie Boys fans everywhere are saying “Not 1212! That’s so much fun to type in and sing Get It Together while getting my financial affairs together!”

Speaking of singing, among higher security passwords, the most popular 7 digit password, according to the site, is 8675309, after a song about some girl named Jenny’s phone number.

Three Worse Things Than Picking A PIN Number That Turns Your Bank Card Into A Winning Lottery Ticket With Thieves On The First Attempt To Steal All Your Money

1. Picking the most obscure number (8068) and then writing it on the back of the card, along with the words “PIN Number” because it’s too hard to remember, especially when you’ve written other important numbers on the back of your card like your Social Insurance Number.

“Hello, I’m a talking bank machine from the land of the future. If your password is ‘1234,’ don’t bother putting the card in, I’ll just randomly shoot out cash and red, white, and blue ticker tape just like an AC/DC concert!”

2. Being a thief and finding a bank card, putting it in the bank machine and seeing it has such an easy-to-guess PIN, but then accidentally depositing your pay check from We Steal Bank Cards Inc. into the account, revealing your identity.

3. Choosing the Password “1234” and then playing the board game Battleship for high stakes. It’s sooooooooo obvious you’re going to put your aircraft carrier into spaces A1-A5, while getting hustled by every five year old in town.

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