Buffalo Man Buys French Fries With Counterfeit $50 Bill, Eats More Counterfeit Bills When Police Arrive, According To Report

Today’s scoop comes via email from funny blogger, ListOfX, just in time for NFL game day!

Yahoo reports that a man from Buffalo, New York, allegedly bought french fries at Darien Lake Theme Park with a fake $50. When police arrived, he allegedly tried to eat more fake $50s to get rid of the evidence.

3 Things That Could Make This Situation More Ironic In New York State

1. He could have tried to pay for the french fries with fake Buffalo Bills. As the real Buffalo Bills have not had a winning season since 2004, we doubt anyone would exchange delicious amusement park french fries for a fake team.

Would fake Buffalo Bills win more games than real Buffalo Bills? A question that’s been confounding philosophers since 2004.

2. He could have tried to pay for the french fries with real Buffalo Wild Wings, or real, original wings from Buffalo’s Anchor Bar. Wings for fries? That’s a terrible deal! Especially if you’re a vegan!

3. The man could have been given fake french fries at a fast food restaurant at Coney Island, where as part of New York City, the vendor has to post the real calorie count of the french fries on the menu! The man should have known that the fries were fake with a menu promising 50 calories per “whatever-the-size-below-super-size-is-called” serving, and a main ingredient of “fake fifty dollar bills!”

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