Chicago Mayor Denies He Likes Nickelback

According to MacLean’s, a striking teacher held up a picket sign saying: “RAHM EMANUEL LIKES NICKELBACK.”

A spokesperson for Emanuel denied the claim.

The teacher has since created a new sign replacing Nickelback with Creed.

3 Worse Things You Could Accuse A Mayor Of Chicago Of Liking Than Nickelback Or Creed

1. The band Chicago. The one positive thing Canadians can say about Nickelback is at least the band didn’t name itself “Canada” or “Alberta” and ruin an entire region’s name every time the local office rock station plays their music. p.s. Dear band named Chicago: we get you’re from Chicago, but did you really need to name almost every album “Chicago”, too?

2. The St. Louis Cardinals. Liking the Cubs’ rival at a time the White Sox are fighting for a pennant would be unlikely to be popular anywhere in Chicago, especially after last call at Wrigley Field.

3. The name “Willis Tower.” Why did you have to confuse us, Chicago, by renaming the Sears Tower? Now we’re just going to wander around the Loop aimlessly whenever we’re in Chicago and need to buy trusty Craftsman Tools.

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