Movies “Brave” and the “Hunger Games” Spark Demand For Archery Sets Among Girls

CNBC reports that sales of toy archery sets to young girls is on the rise thanks to the Disney-Pixar movie Brave, and Lion’s Gates’ Hunger Games.

3 Worse Things Your Kids Could Be Inspired To Play With Based On Movies This Labor Day Weekend

1. Contagious flu viruses, after seeing the movie Contagion! Especially if they’re playing with their contagious flu viruses and toy archery sets. That can like, totally ruin your Labor Day weekend barbecue!

If you let the kids inflate the jumping castle with contagious viruses, you may have trouble returning it to Costco.

2. Dead people, based on the movie the Sixth Sense. Ghosts are the gateway addictive substance to lead to playing with more dangerous dead people like zombies.

3. World Financial Markets, based on the movie, the Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon. Your kids really seem to be Matt Damon fans, huh? Well, then they should know better than to spend the Labor Day weekend plotting further complex derivatives, involving math and archery, to unravel world markets when some countries are finally in a recovery!

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