If Clint Eastwood Wanted To Debate An Empty Chair, There Were Plenty In Theaters When His Movie “J. Edgar” Opened!

At last night’s GOP convention, mystery guest speaker, Clint Eastwood, pretended to debate an empty chair, representing President Obama.

3 Other Places Clint Eastwood Could Find More Empty Chairs To Debate

1. At the opening weekend of the last movie he directed that has been released, J. Edgar. According to Box Office Mojo, that movie was beat out by Jack and Jill on its opening weekend. You know, the movie where Adam Sandler played a twin brother and sister! Maybe Eastwood would have fared better that weekend with a movie about fraternal twin chairs debating each other on a split screen!

2. At many of the restaurants and other small businesses surrounding the GOP Convention, which unfortunately had lots of empty chairs due to security reasons, according to the Associated Press.

3. IKEA! Although many of those chairs are in boxes, requiring assembly. The good news is we know from the often longer than average-movie duration of Clint’s great movies (Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven ran 132 and 131 minutes respectively), that as a director he has the patience to deal with IKEA instructions!

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3 replies

  1. Awesome. I love Clint but that performance was seriously weird.


  2. Leo looks like he’s going for the Oscar here and hopefully he gets it, but Eastwood is ulalsuy hit-or-miss nowadays which is why I’m not too siked for it just yet.


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