Dog Eats American Bills, So We Hope Those Rumors Of Traces Of Cocaine On U.S. Dollars Aren’t True!

Yahoo reports that a Clearwater, Florida beagle named Arnie O’Kelley has been eating stacks of bills from its owners over the past ten years. This past week, the dog ate $300 from the owner’s purse.

3 Worse Things A Dog Can Eat From Its Owners Purse

1. Lipstick. If we learned anything from phrases about animals, lipstick only belongs on pigs!

2. Dog Food. Really, if you’re carrying around dog food in your purse, you’re kind of asking for this kind of situation!

3. Cat Food. We don’t know if it’s safe for dogs to eat cat food, but, at a minimum, we suspect if this happens to you your dog might have an identity crisis!

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