Drunk Man In Superman Suit Should Have Clarified The “S” Stood For “Stupor!”

According to the Local, a Norwegian man visiting northern Sweden, dressed in a Superman costume, had to be locked up after police deemed him to be too inebriated to “fend for himself.”

We can only guess what the police in northern Sweden thought the man in the Superman suit might have to defend himself from. Evil geniuses with maniacal plans to take over the world? Kryptonite? Or crates of unassembled IKEA furniture missing instructions.

3 Worse Costumes To Wear In A Swedish Jail

1. An Angry Birds costume. As the popular mobile game Angry Birds was created in Finland, the other people in the drunk tank might try to build a slingshot and send you flying home to the neighboring nation.

If you’re drunk in Sweden, and can’t fend for yourself, we don’t recommend wearing this on your head!

2. A costume of one of the pigs from Angry Birds. The other drunkards will probably throw anyone in an Angry Bird costume at you to get a high score, and if nobody meeting that criteria is available, they may throw the drunk in the Superman costume, since he will probably declare he can fly.

3. A costume of a brown box containing parts of an unassembled IKEA laundry bin. All of the cell mates are going to be prodding you with Allen keys, as they search for instructions inside your costume, and try to build you into a laundry bin that they can hide in, just like many of the prison break movies they have seen!

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