Woman Offers Soul For $2,000 On eBay, Undercut By Other Soul-Selling Dude

An Albuquerque, New Mexico woman, who describes her self as an “atheist,” has attempted to sell her soul on eBay, according to a report from Eyewitness News 4/KOB.com that can be viewed here. According to the report, eBay removed her listing twice, and she received bids as high as $450. eBay removed the listing because the company does not permit the selling of goods that cannot be verified, including, air, ghosts and demons.

That’s not stopping this dude from Austin, who currently is offering his soul, and has received a bid of $3.80 U.S. This does not include $3.65 in shipping, which we presume is via the kayak in which the dude is posing in the photo. Still if you were one of the bidders hoping to score a soul from someone who admits they don’t believe in souls for $450, remember it could be worse. Here are:

3 Worse Things That You Could Bid $450 For On eBay and Then Have Your Offer Rejected

1. Seoul, South Korea. $450 would be a steal for this entire city which Samsung calls its headquarters! We think $450 is worth at least the stack of Galaxy Tab Tablets you’d get as part of the deal, even if Koreans actually prefer iPads, according to Forbes, which may mean the initial $450 offer isn’t as great a deal as one might think. That said, the rest of the city is probably worth billions of dollars, so you’d still be missing out on a good chance to tell the landlord of your 500 square foot apartment to “take this loft and shove it, I’m moving to my new metropolis for $450!” At least it sounds like a good idea until you get your first 1,140,827,740,492.17 South Korean won property tax bill!

2. A real demon. Fake ghost stories were enough to make Amityville Horror “true-story” tellers wealthy, according to Snopes! Imagine how rich a real demon could make you. And imagine how happy the seller would be to unload a real demon for a tidy $450! The worst news, here, of course would be if the demon verified its existence to eBay employees by possessing the internet, which we suspect, but cannot say for certain, was the plot of Feardotcom.

3. The soul patch of a South Korean jazz musician claiming to be possessed by demons. Eyewitness News did report eBay allows the sale of small amounts of hair, so we don’t know think eBay could ruin a hipster’s day by refusing to allow such a transaction to go through. That is until the seller clarifies the listing on eBay to indicate that the hair is possessed by demons, not the jazz musician, making the sale a strict no-no under eBay rules. But don’t worry, losing hipster bidder, you can probably get a T-Shirt of a similar possessed soul patch at Urban Outfitters for one-tenth of the price!


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