Mike Pence Calls Clinton “30-year” “career politician.”

This morning on Fox News, VP candidate Mike Pence called Hillary Clinton a “30-year” “career politician.” Since we’re all about helping politicians with debating skills, and Pence is set to debate next week here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For Mike Pence

  1. A 28 year-politician who would like you to elect him to be a 32-year politician, who is totally not an undesirable 30-year politician.
  2. Mike Pence: If math mattered to voters, Fox News wouldn’t be running a story right now that non-scientific online polls clearly say that Trump won the debate.
  3. A career politician who actually thinks he has a chance of continuing this career by winning an election this year!

Categories: 2016 Presidential Election, Humor, Mildly Bad News

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  1. Mike Pence isn’t a career politician. He does politics just for the sheer fun of screwing the poor, minorities, women, and gays.

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