Trump Uses Hashtag #FollowTheMoney

In a recent Tweet against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump wrote: “While Hillary profits off the rigged system, I am fighting for you! Remember the simple phrase:

You can view the Tweet by clicking here.

Since we’re all about helping politicians, even dumb ones, here are 3 more hashtags we propose for Donald Trump.

  1. #GoodLuckFollowingMyMoneyWithoutTaxReturns
  2. #WhyAreYouStillTryingToFollowMyHugeAmountsOfMoneyIMeantFollowHillarysMoney
  3. #IAmFightingForYourRightToEnsureBillionairesDontPayEstateTaxes

Categories: 2016 Presidential Election, Humor, Mildly Bad News, Politics

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