Trumps Says If He Doesn’t Win Pennsylvania, It Will Mean Elections “Rigged;” Katrina Pierson Sounds Like SNL’s “Drunk Uncle” In Interview

3 Reasons Trump May Legitimately Lose Pennsylvania

  1. People in Philadelphia are part of the Atlantic City casino market and remember Trump casinos there going bankrupt. By the way, if you are the type of person who believes an election is “rigged,” would you really go to a place like a casino? We’re guessing the answer is no, which is why Philly residents won’t buy Trump’s rigged theory.
  2. That whole thing where Pittsburgh spent decades transforming its economy into a high-tech one from a steel one. Guess Trump missed that news! (Probably too busy reading whatever news his spokesperson Katrina Pierson read that lead her to tell CNN today that Obama started the Afghanistan war.) Watch her CNN appearance by clicking here, to see how Trump really hires “the best” people, and by “best” we mean, “people willing to say any dumb thing for money.” With these kind of stumbles, we think Trump’s surrogates are beginning to sound like “Drunk Uncle” on Saturday Night Live.
  3. It’s Pennsylvania not Transylvania! Vampires are famous for rigging elections by converting all non-supporters of their Vampire party into vampires. What a bunch of cheaters!

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