Guy Sues Toronto Because He Says “TORONTO” Sign Was His Idea

The Toronto Sun reports that a man has sued the City of Toronto for $2.5 million for allegedly stealing his “idea” of putting up a sign that says “TORONTO” in block letters at City Hall.

3 Sarcastic Comments About This Story

  1. “Right, because putting the name of a City on a sign in that City – totally original! Thank goodness someone had the vision to put a sign named Toronto in Toronto and not Hollywood!”
  2. “We reiterate that it’s great someone came up with this great idea that none of the 2.5 million or so people in Toronto would have ever came up with, and then in effect sued for a dollar for each of those people.”
  3. “Now let’s talk about the real question: When are the people who copyrighted the Hollywood sign going to sue Toronto about this? Sure the font and arrangement and location are different, but Toronto calls itself Hollywood North, so clearly someone ought to test another seemingly frivolous lawsuit.”

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