You Will Be Lied To 29 Times Today*

According to a “human lie detector” interviewed in a video on Yahoo, the average person lies 30 times a day, and is lied to 200 times a week!

Also, he claims that women are more likely to lie to make other people feel better, whereas men lie to make themselves feel better.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Who told the “average person” that they were “average?” If it was a woman, does that mean the person is really sub-average, and being told they are average just to make them feel better?

2. Why is the average person dishing out more lies than they receive? At 30 lies per day, one would expect they would be lied to 210 times a week (that’s 30 times seven for those of you who don’t want to swipe your iPhone up to do the math with a calculator). Is it because the average person is a liar? Perhaps they are a man, who wants to make himself look better by understating the number of times he is lied to in a week.

3. What if a “human lie detector” makes up stats on lies? We are absolutely not saying this would happen, but how would you even know, since you are all so gullible? Did you hear the human lie detector beep in the video? Didn’t think so.

*Was that a lie? If so, does that make it 30 lies? Doesn’t that make it true? Think about it!

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6 replies

  1. The bigger question is: who the heck keeps track of their weekly lie quota?


  2. Are these lies that are caught or ones that people thought they were getting away with until someone started polling them?


  3. Pamela Meyer did a TED talk on the subject:

    For me the take away is we need to stop lying to ourselves about how much lies are a part of our daily lives.


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