Trump Says Now Is A Lousy Time To Buy Stocks

Yahoo Finance reports that Donald Trump predicted a “very massive recession” on Saturday and said it is a lousy time to buy stocks.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. What does Donald Trump know about buying stocks? Anyone who bought shares of his casinos (former ticker: DJT) that went bankrupt knows that any time was a lousy time to buy his casino stock.
  2. Is he factoring in that a real reason that it may be a lousy time to buy stocks is that investors around the world, along with many big businesses think that a Trump presidency would be horrible for business? The Huffington Post reported that leaders at Facebook, Apple, Google, and Tesla went to a secret meeting to find a way to defeat Trump.
  3. How secret was the meeting? So secret, that Trump, who “tells it like it is” apparently doesn’t even know these companies are “winning” at “business” and “innovation”, despite telling supporters than America “never” wins anything. Hey Trump, we have a new suggested Tweet for you: “Follow me on Twitter, an American company that became popular under Obama. In other news, America never wins at anything anymore! ANYTHING! #TellingItLikeItIs.”

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