Man Sleeps Through Plane-Skidding-Off-Runway Incident

Yahoo reports that a man slept through a plane skidding a bit off the runway at JFK Airport yesterday, on a flight bound from Toronto to New York.

From the article:

“I was sleeping. I woke up and… A police officer came on to make sure everyone was OK. Luckily, everyone was OK.  It was kind of wild.”

Kind of wild because this happens every day and ZZZZZZZ.  We know who is not chaperoning your kid’s next high school dance!

3 More Things We Wonder If This Man Can Sleep Through

1. In flight viewing of the latest season of the Walking DeadSeems likely to us, especially if it’s a long flight and the man has been binge viewing since the boring prior season.

2. A zombie attack! This will get especially confusing if the man is prone to sleepwalking. Is he asleep? A zombie? Or both?

3. During the pre-flight safety instructions. We just hope no sleepy-pantses accidentally volunteer to sit in the exit rows, by raising their right hands in Ambien auctions in dreamland.

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4 replies

  1. I can totally relate. I once fell asleep with the fire alarm blaring in my room (I was told it was just a drill)


  2. I understand completely – as soon as the engines turn on, I fall asleep. Of course, I am a cat.


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