3 Reasons To Name The Boat “Boaty McBoatface”

The British National Research Council asked the public online for names for its new research boat that will travel to Antarctica. The current leader: “Boaty McBoatface.”

The National Research Council has said that they will choose the final name, regardless of what wins the online vote.

We like the name, and here are 3 reasons we thing they should choose it.

  1. We would pay good money, and by good money, we mean pocket change, to see a boat named “Boaty McBoatface.” Do you expect to get to Antarctica for free, National Research Council? We didn’t think so. In a world where people donate to kickstart someone making potato salad, we’re sure such people would pay money to a boat with a dumb name, too!
  2. We’d pay even more money for a selfie with Boaty McBoatface! Do you see the trend here, British Research Whatever Council? You can sell tickets to your boat. Souvenirs. Merchandise. An entire cruise line with a name better than “Royal Norwalkian.”
  3. With the money based on our suggestions, you can build an entire fleet of boats with stupid names and get to Antarctica for free. That would be a much better free trip then spending 30 nights at Hiltons around the world and still not having enough HHonors points to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in landlocked Idaho.

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  1. haha for some reason I absolutely love it…mcboatface :p


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