Skinny Bundles Coming To Canada

CBC reports that on March 1, all Canadian TV providers will be required to sell $25 “skinny bundles” of television stations that exclude hundreds of channels that consumers may not watch. Customers can buy the basic bundle and then add small bundles.

3 Small Canadian Bundles We Expect To See

  1. Channel that shows half of the sports in Canada bundle! Includes half of all professional sports and the Curling Channel.*
  2. Channel that shows the other half of the sports in Canada bundle! Includes the other half of games in professional sports and Lacrosse On Demand.*
  3. The bundle of 9 channels nobody watches, and we mean nobody, and AMC, for Walking Dead fans.**

*Together, these will cost more than a regular cable package!

**Likely at a higher price than downloading the Walking Dead on iTunes!

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