3 More Trump Fast Food Menu Items

During a CNN Town Hall last week, Donald Trump praised Wendy’s and McDonald’s (where his favorite item is the fictional “Fish Delight.”

Here are three more Trump-inspired fast food items we’d expect Donald to like.

  1. Meximelt. This real Taco Bell item will hopefully make America great again by making illegal immigrants do want Taco Bell advertised years ago… “Run for the border.”
  2. Son of Baconator. This real Wendy’s item is our new nickname for Eric Trump. Far more memorable, right?
  3. Popcorn Nuggets. This real KFC menu item is neither popcorn, nor nugget, but contains 1890 mg of sodium. In a town where they put salt in toffee, this is the right amount of salt to include in any item at the buffet of a bankrupt Atlantic City casino.


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  1. forking his pizza


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