Yes! Even 3 More Oreo Flavors We’d Like To See

We’ve been spending the week giving you what the Oreo folks hope you demand: ideas for new flavors.  Here are 3 more:

  1. Michael Bloomberg-eos. This cookie features golden Trump and Bloomberg outer cookies for those of you with billionaire tastes. Which are not the same thing as the inner cookie, bland creme Hillary Clinton tastes. As ordered by former Mayor Bloomberg, the creme contains no sugar – did you not read the mandatory ingredient list on the package?  To ensure that there is no sugar inside, Mayor Bloomberg has personally stopped and frisked every cookie.
  2. Tim Cookie-os. Named after Apple CEO Tim Cook, you can unlock greater taste just by force-touching the massive screen on the cookie.
  3. Your Computer Cookie-os.  Filled with a dirty, dirty creme of all of your browsing information.

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