We’re Not Done Delivering New Oreo Flavor Ideas!

As Oreo is changing things up with some new flavor we already forgot the name of, here are 3 more flavors we propose:


  1.  Jerry Falwell, Junior-eos. These cookies are covered with icing featuring new Trump endorsements, but, not too big an endorsement, as they are “Junior” sized. These cookies will probably be out of the news by the time you finish reading this.
  2. Megyn Kelly-os. Faux boycotted by Donald Trump to create greater publicity for himself, we’re sure these are smart cookies filled with important questions. We’re also certain when Trump predictably shows up for a Fox Debate, these cookies deserve a raise!
  3. Ted-Cruzios – A big lumpy bag full of just the white creme – these obstructionist creme blobs aren’t going to interact with any other members of Congress.


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