3 More Flavors Of Oreos We Predict Will Be Released

Yesterday, we wrote about the folks at Oreos shaking things up by introducing a new flavor.  Here are 3 more flavours we predict may be on shelves soon…

  1. Ben Carson-eos – These contain the maximum amount of sugar allowed under the Constitution. The kind of sugar that may initially make you hyper and stab somebody, but many years after eating have a sugar-rush crash so strong you can barely keep your eyes open.
  2. Donald Trump-eos.  The two cookies feature sugary images of Canadian and Mexican flags to keep people from those countries from crossing the border into the creme, ruining America, or trying to be eligible to run for President.
  3. Jeb! Bush-eos. The two cookies proudly feature U.S. Presidential seals, sandwiching a creme made of $60 million of wasted advertising. You can find them in the low-energy bar section of your grocery store.

Categories: 2016 Presidential Election, Mildly Bad News

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