If You’re Applying For A Job In Oregon, Your Prospective Employer Can No Longer Ask You For Your Facebook Password During The Interview.

USA Today reports that Oregon has joined 11 other states banning employers from asking prospective employees for their Facebook login information and password during job interviews.

3 Worse Interview Questions Than “Can You Please Tell Me How To Log Into Your Facebook Account And Go Through All Of Your Personal Information During The Interview?”

1. “Can you please provide me with your Facebook password, so that I can steal your identity and give myself the job? Who couldn’t use two salaries in these tough times?”

2. “Welcome to Creepy Stalker Incorporated, did you have trouble finding the place? Oh, of course you didn’t. We know because we followed you here.”

3. “Having just graduated from college, since we here in Oregon are not permitted to force you to let us log into your Facebook account, which of the following best describes you:

  • (a) An outgoing person, who would be likely to pose for photos with alcohol in embarrassing positions? Despite the fact that we just described most people in college who go on to be successful in life, we can’t get those images out of our head, and don’t want people who were once in high school here. Sorry!
  • (b) A social misfit who has no friends? Oh, that’s too bad. It doesn’t seem you will be able to help us here in the sales and party-planning department;
  • (c) A sociopathic liar who created a fake Facebook account, just for this interview, with wholesome images of the All-American person we would like to hires? You’re hired! Your first job is to befriend all new job applicants on Facebook so we can legally see their Facebook accounts, because we have nothing better to do at this corporation.”

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  1. I guess employers will be legislated into hiring everyone that comes off the street soon, What a sad state of affairs.


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