3 Worse Investments Than Stocks, Bonds, and Money In The Bank In 2015

Bloomberg reports that investments, including putting money in the bank, generally resulted in no gains in 2015.  Those who invested in an index fund may be up just over 2% this year.

3 Worse Investments You Could Have Made in 2015

  1. An apartment in any Trump branded-building. We have no idea if they went up or down in monetary value, but it would suck if every walk home for your foreseeable future was a “walk of shame.”
  2. Investing your song in Donald Trump.  You know when Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider says maybe Trump should stop using his song, that giving your music to Trump is a bad investment. It’s not like “We’re Not Gonna Take It” will ever be knocking any of Justin Bieber’s three hits off the iTunes top 10.
  3. Making Dee Snider your personal advisor.  This guy has already proven through songs that he is willing to “take it” somewhere just before hitting the breaking point of “any more.”  Which means he is not the decisive kind of person you need making your decisions.  If you think his song is not proof that he takes too long to make the right decisions, remember, the news story we quoted suggested he is considering “maybe” not letting Trump use his song any more.

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