3 Reasons Not To Be Mad At Steve Harvey

Earlier this week, Steve Harvey, while hosting the Miss Universe Pageant announced that the first-runner up was the winner, leading the wrong person to be crowned.  And then he had to announce to a happy “Miss Universe” that he made an error.

3 Reasons Not To Be Mad At Steve Harvey

  1.  He thought he was hosting Family Feud and thought any of the top 5 answers from a 100 people survey was acceptable.
  2. He thought he was hosting Miss Universe Feud, and like any reality show once owned by Donald Trump, a little drama is to be expected in the finale.
  3. His erroneous announcement of a winner and first-runner up is still better than the current intentional thought-out choices of winner and first-runner up in the GOP Presidential nomination polls.

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  1. 4. He is an attention whore. He got a lot of attention for this. What’s the problem?


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