3 Worse Names Than United Airlines’ “United Paws”

NY Daily News reports that United Airlines has brought back a program for the holiday season called “United Paws.”  For a limited time at certain airports, you can pet a dog to relieve your stress…

As we are all about helping companies, we congratulate United on this name, as here are:

3 Worse Names For The Program

  1. United Pause.” (For when your flight on United is delayed.)
  2. Dog Pilot Program.” (While the name suggests the program is new, nobody is going to feel less stressed thinking dogs will pilot their plane.)
  3. United Canines.” (While this name rhymes with “Airlines,” hearing the word “canine” might not relieve stress for anyone who smoked pot, ironically to relieve stress, prior to the flight.)

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  1. Are the dogs available while you are being fondled by security, or do you have to make it past that point?


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