3 Cyber Monday Republican Candidate Sales We Hope To See

It’s just a few days until Cyber Monday!  Here are some deals we’d like to see:

  1. Free roast for anyone who follows Donald Trump on Twitter.*
  2. Make a donation to Ben Carson, and he’ll make one of his crazy ideas about the Pyramids disappear on Snapchat.
  3. Set your DVR to record the next CNN debate and receive free speculated emails of what Hillary Clinton may have erased.**

*Roast refers to a Comedy Central style roast, featuring insults of all other candidates, reporters, and anyone that happens to be in the same room as Trump.  This does not mean roast beef, but don’t celebrate Vegans,  Trump will insult “your pathetic lack of support for the dairy industry and the well paying jobs it provides cows.”

**probably mostly borng pot roast recipes is our guess.  

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