3 Observations About Starbucks Red Coffee Cup

CNN reports that apparently people on the internet and Donald Trump are angry that a seasonal Starbucks coffee cup doesn’t say “Merry Christmas.”

3 Observations About This Story

  1. If you are angry about something so trivial, you are probably drinking too much coffee.*  Ironic, that perhaps you really should be taking less trips to Starbucks and their competitors, huh?
  2. As far as we can tell, the Trump Tower and other buildings in New York have room for the words “Trump.” Yet we don’t see lasers projecting the words “Merry Christmas” into the New York skyline. Nor do we see traditional suburban-home Christmas decorations lining the entire building. When are people going to boycott this building that clearly does not support the spirit of Christmas?
  3. Why not visit Starbucks with a re-usable mug on which you can write whatever message you want? Might we suggest: “Merry Christmas – I saved a tree by drinking from this metallic thermos… and then I cut the tree down and made it a Christmas tree, so maybe I still have some work to do to save the environment.”

*or booze.  Our money is really more on booze.

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1 reply

  1. The real “problems” with the Starbucks cup: why does the mermaid have legs? why are her feet up behind her ears? what perverse logo is this?


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