After 60 Years Saskatchewan Town Stops Using Slogan “Land of Rape and Honey.”

MacLean’s reports that the town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan has decided to stop using its slogan: “Land of Rape and Honey.”

In the town “Rape” refers to Rapeseed.  But after 60 years the town has decided to come up with a new slogan to avoid offending people who may interpret the slogan differently.

Here are 3 slogans we suggest:

  1. Tisdale: Not The Land Of Making Smart Changes Quickly
  2. Tisdale: If Only Someone Had Called It The Land Of “Rapeseed” We Wouldn’t Have Had To Explain Our Sign For 60 Years
  3. Tisdale: The Land of Rapping Honeys. Just come down to Tisdale and listen to our rap. We think you’ll find it awesome but you’ll probably find it crap.

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  1. Maybe “Land of Totally Legal Rape”?…. mmm, no.

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