Asteroid Misses Earth By 15 Million Miles So You Can Read This Blog

CNN reports on Saturday an asteroid missed the earth by 15 million miles.  For those of you who want to be able to comprehend that number, CNN pointed out that Venus is 25 million miles away, and the moon is 238,000 miles away.

3 Comparisons That Will Help You Even Better Comprehend This Distance

  1. For you drivers out there, that’s 250,000 times the distance between the Big Boy restaurant in Cadillac, Michigan, and Grayling, Michigan.  So just imagine your kids asking where’s the nearest bathroom and loveable cartoony mascot another 250,000 times.
  2. That’s 15 million times farther than the distance Major League Baseball umpires have been off this playoff season (according to the Blue Jays’ fan sitting next to you.)
  3. You have a better chance at getting hit by a baseball when looking for the Asteroid through your telescope. (Hint stop setting up your telescopes at Houston’s indoor Minute Maid Park.)

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2 replies

  1. 15 million miles is about how far you could drive in a Prius on enough gas to fill 10 train tank cars.


  2. Not the worst news at all! Well, what that tells me is that all the fuzz about the asteroid was for nothing. Thanks for sharing that! Visit my blog, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your post!


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