New York Mets Alter “Kiss Cam” Policy.

CNN reports that after complaints of homophobia, the New York Mets will no longer be putting photos of two opposing players on its “Kiss Cam.”

Since we’re all about helping baseball teams, here are:

3 More Reasons We Suggest Scrapping Kiss Cams

  1. Makes a bad first date even more awkward. Which teaches fans “never bring a first date here.” Doesn’t sound like a great ticket-sales strategy to us.  More images of Mr. Met, instead, please!
  2. Being singled out on a Jumbotron in front of tens of thousands of fans is probably less popular than Ashley Madison data breaches for people having affairs.  Which we suspect is everyone in the front rows of Toronto Blue Jays  expensive “In The Action” seats now that the team is popular again.
  3. Forcing couples tired of each other to kiss is not entertaining.  Now putting “Get A Room” on the Jumbotron after a kiss – that would be entertaining!

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