Carly Fiorina Moves To #2 In Polls After GOP Debate

CNN reports that Carly Fiorina has moved to number two in the polls with 15% support, behind Donald Trump who has fallen to 24% support.  One talking head on CNN even called Fiorina a visionary.

Three Slogans We Propose For Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

  1. “Elect a visionary. Just not the type of visionary that got into the smart phone business while at HP. Whoa – totally didn’t see those things ever replacing computers.  Vote for my ink jet printer vision of America!”
  2. “Fiorina: I worked in the tech industry, but in 2015 autocorrect changes my name of ‘Florin.’ It’s time for real change to autocorrect in America.”
  3. “Don’t let the fact I worked for a tech company fool you – I am totally qualified to lead this party that doesn’t believe in science.”

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