CBC: Conservative Party Of Canada Won’t Answer Whether It Buys Facebook Likes

CBC reports that it reached out to all four major political parties in Canada, asking whether they buy Facebook likes, and the Liberals, Greens, and NDP said they do not buy Facebook likes.

When the CBC asked the Conservative Party of Canada whether they bought Facebook likes, they received the following reply from the party’s Director of Communications:

“Thanks for reaching out to us. On this question, it’s an internal party matter.”

3 Follow-Up Questions We Have For The Above Response

  1. That’s an awesome answer, Director of Communications! Man, how can we get a job directing communicating by not answering simple questions? p.s. please don’t answer that rhetorical question, because that would be especially irratating given you didn’t answer the first question.”
  2. “Also, can you please advise how someone gets a job in communications in 2015, and not come up with a better answer about social media communications?  Here’s a better answer. ‘Thanks for reaching out to us. We’re just happy that a real person is talking to us using digital communications!'”
  3. “How do we get invited to one of these internal parties that you have? It sounds like not many people go, so we just wanted to offer to attend to make your parties look more popular. Do you like that idea?”

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