3 More Slogans We Propose For National Geographic

Yesterday we wrote about manmade-climate-change-non-believer Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox buying National Geographic… here are 3 more slogans we propose for the magazine.

  1. National Geographic: The “National” part refers to Rupert Murdoch’s home, Australia. You know, the country that just ousted a Prime Minister, because obviously the influential Murdoch political news media is so good at resulting in the election of high-quality, long-lasting leaders.
  2. NatGeo: Now Fair and Balanced.  And we think trained seals balancing on a see-saw is a fair use of a cover… who cares about popularity of sea amusement parks?
  3. National Geographic: We used to do surveys showing how little about geography American students know. We’re totally gonna change that. *wink wink* *not in a good way*.

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